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Enhance efficiency
Ease labor shortage
Increase sales
Enhance customer satisfaction
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OrionStar's products are of high quality, have fast deployment in the early stage, have a low machine failure rate, and have excellent after-sales service.
After comparing the products of various brands, select OrionStar's product. LuckiBot can achieve multiple uses in one machine and complete the two tasks of delivery and promotion.
Hotel Technology Management (htm) Ltd
I am very excited to have the opportunity to work directly with OrionStar. My prototype came from OrionStar. LuckiBot is the best performer in his class.
PHILON Service Robotics AG
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Enhance efficiency
Stable and accurate delivery
40 Kg
Max Load
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Ease labor shortage
A restaurant robot solution can help reduce rush-hour server shortage.
Deploying a restaurant robot solution can significantly automate repetitive tasks and lower physical workload by up to 80%.
Reduce training costs and simplify operations to improve employee retention.
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Increase sales
Special offers display, stronger promotion.
AI voice reception, 30 languages supported, more attracting.
Increase table turnover, no long waiting line.
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Enhance customer satisfaction
Leave heavy work to LuckiBot, more energy focus on service.
More efficient table service.
VIP birthday service.
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Why OrionStar?
Global Leading AI Service Robot Solution Company
As of the end of 2022, 45,000 robot employees have been employed, serving nearly 15,000 customers, with an average daily voice interaction frequency of over 17 million times, serving over 500 million person-time.
Empower Partners for Success
Rapidly solve partner issues with “Four-in-one closed loop service” Sales X Pre-sales & After-Sales technical support X Marketing X Business Operations.
One-year free operation training & technical support.
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