Statement on Information Security and Protection of Individual Privacy

2022-12-23 15:00

To Partners:

Orion Star Robotics US Inc. ("Orion Star" or "we") is aware of the importance of users' privacy and information security. All along, we apply the concept of "protecting users' privacy and protecting users' personal information" through the entire process of project approval, research and development, and operation of all our products and services. 

Our parent company has established and implemented an information security and privacy protection management system and has obtained the certification of ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 from SGS. 

The compliance requirements for privacy protection in partner regions have been identified and introduced into the information security and privacy protection system and have been effectively operated so as to ensure that our collection and processing of personal information comply with the relevant laws and regulations in partner regions or countries. 

With respect to information security: our data centers adhere to strict security standards, including firewalls and encryption, to protect data from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. We also perform periodic security vulnerability scans and security tests to ensure that our systems remain safe and reliable. 

With respect to individual privacy: we adhere to a strict data privacy policy, including the right to protect the privacy of users' personal information and use or disclose data only as required by law or authorized by the users. We also use strict data access control technology to protect information and prevent data from being illegally used. 

Hereby stated! 

December 23, 2022