Robot Waiters

Korean BBQ Restaurant in Tustin Introduces Robot Waiters, Showcasing the Future of Dining

A Korean restaurant in Tustin, California, is using robot waiters Fatima and Elizabeth to provide faster and more efficient customer service. The owner, John Ozbek, believes that robot waiters are a worthwhile investment that will streamline operations and improve service. Customers have been impressed with the fast and efficient service provided by the robot waiters. While using robot waiters may raise concerns about job displacement, Ozbek argues that they are not taking jobs away from human employees but improving service and creating a more efficient dining experience. The introduction of robot waiters at I Can Barbecue represents a unique and forward-thinking approach to restaurant service, and with the advancement of technology and staffing challenges in the food service industry, more and more restaurants may choose to introduce delivery robots.

Robot Waiters Q&A

What inspired the owner to introduce robot waiters to the restaurant?

John Ozbek was inspired by Japanese restaurants that use robot waiters and believed this technology would be a worthwhile investment to improve service and streamline operations.

What are the customers' opinions on using robots at the restaurant?

Customers at I Can Barbecue have been impressed with robot waiters' fast and efficient services. They appreciate the quickness of the service and the novelty of the experience. One customer commented that service robots are particularly beneficial during COVID understaffing.

How do the robot waiters at I Can Barbecue improve service for customers

The robot waiters serve dishes, silverware, and sides to tables, allowing human employees to focus on other tasks. They can also speak 50 languages and have motion sensors to avoid a collision, providing faster and more efficient service.