Supermarket service robots

Experience the Future of Shopping with OrionStar Service Robots at Central Food Hall and Tops Market in Thailand

Experience the future of shopping with service robots, intelligent robots currently found at Central Food Hall and Tops Market in Thailand. Designed to enhance the shopping experience, LuckiBots are ambassadors providing personalized recommendations, exclusive promotions, and interactive engagement. Service robots can guide shoppers to the best deals and latest arrivals, whether looking for snacks, fresh produce, or gourmet products. Central Food Retail Group (CFG) owns and operates Central Food Hall and Tops Market, two leading supermarket chains in Thailand. These supermarkets offer a wide selection of premium products from around the world. With the addition of Lucki, CFG is taking customer service to the next level and redefining the meaning of intelligent shopping.

Service Robots Q&A

What marketing capabilities do service robots demonstrate in supermarkets?

1. Product promotion: service robots can introduce new products or special offers to customers and provide relevant information and advice. 2. Brand promotion: With stickers and accessories, service robots are able to really highlight a product. By wrapping LuckiBots with branding colors and logo, they will be the perfect team members and they boost branding image as well.

In the supermarket, in which modes do service robots typically operate?

1. Cruising Mode – service robots will be acting as staff assistants to introduce the latest product-relevant details, including promotional products and new-in products, so that customers will not miss out on special priced products, giveaways or free taste tests. Service robots will be circulating throughout the store to directly promote products to customers. 2. Navigation Mode – Service robots will take customers to their desired zones so that customers can find products with more convenience, and most importantly, save time.

How do Tops and Central Food Hall view the use of service robots?

Tops and Central Food Hall view the use of LuckiBots as an innovative and convenient way to serve customers. They welcome robot servers as a lovable and special addition to their stores, and encourage customers to visit their stores to experience the colorful and fun shopping facilitated by smart AI service robots.