Optimizing Efficiency and Workplace Environment with OrionStar Robots at Korean Red Printing Factory

2023-06-07 13:00

Red Printing factory in Korea has collaborated with B-Robotics to successfully integrate OrionStar's LuckiBots for efficient material and component handling, as well as to improve the operation efficiency of the factory. Mr. Choi, the head of the production department, discussed the reasons behind their decision to adopt robots and the significant impact they had.


Mr. Choi|The Head of Production at Red Printing Factory

Red Printing's production department handles approximately 5,000 materials daily, involving multiple steps such as cutting, button-making, trimming, and packaging. The transportation of semi-finished products and components relied on manual labor and small carts. With different individuals handling material transfers at each stage and no dedicated personnel assigned, the absence or unavailability of responsible workers during their scheduled shifts caused workflow interruptions and potential errors. The physical burden on workers was also significant, impacting their efficiency and work environment.

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In the past: manual transportation using small carts

Inspired by restaurant delivery robots, Mr. Choi proposed the introduction of robots to streamline material transportation, reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency. Red Printing decided to introduce two LuckiBots and meticulously plan their routes to efficiently handle diverse material quantities and delivery points at different stages of production. Moreover, by integrating distinct background music and screen colors on the robots, the workers can effortlessly discern the specific tasks assigned to each robot.

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Now: transportation using delivery robots

After the robots' implementation, Mr. Park, the supervisor at Red Printing, highlighted the positive changes. Previously, workers encountered challenges when transporting multiple baskets of materials, which led to disorganized processes and overlooked defects. In contrast, with the introduction of robots, the transportation of materials has become more efficient and error-free. The robots now handle the task of transporting materials basket by basket, ensuring uninterrupted and frequent transfers. This shift has lightened the physical workload for the workers and created a more comfortable work environment.

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Human-Robot Collaboration: Robots free humans from repetitive physical tasks

Introducing OrionStar intelligent robots at Red Printing has optimized operation efficiency and enhanced the work environment for employees. The successful integration of robots showcases their crucial role in factory automation, providing a valuable reference for other companies. OrionStar remains committed to innovation and delivering efficient and reliable intelligent robot solutions across various industries.

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