ORION STAR Robotics at the Netherlands International Hotel & Restaurant Show

2022-10-19 17:51

Recently, the annual Maastricht International Hotel & Catering Exhibition BBB (hereinafter referred to as BBB Exhibition) was held in the Netherlands. The show has been held since 1954 and is an important exhibition in the field of hotel, hospitality, and catering supplies and equipment in the Netherlands. OrionStar's AI delivery robot Lucki and AI Robot Greeting Mini traveled to Europe to show the strength of AI service robots to exhibitors.

It is worth noting that OrionStar has built a Pop-up restaurant with a total area of 100 square meters at the booth, which allows the guests to experience the functions of the robot and its daily work through the reproduction of real scenes, and also to understand more intuitively the functional and practical features of Lucki and Mini.

At the entrance of the Pop-up restaurant, AI Robot Greeting Mini, as the cutest "doorman", attracted a lot of attention from exhibitors. When people are stopping to watch, Mini will warmly greet the visitors and introduce the restaurant dishes and other related information; when the diner is bored of waiting for a seat, Mini can also do a fun dance for the guests and win a very good experience.

As an intelligent service robot,  Mini has the skills of solicitation sales, VIP reception, remote control, intelligent Q&A, minimal deployment, and personalized explanation, and can also provide three remote control modes: HD video call, remote monitoring, and remote navigation; it adopts the industry's most easy-to-use map-building system, which can easily adapt to indoor scenes such as lobbies, corridors, elevators, and carpets; most importantly, it can also be secondarily developed according to customers' needs to meet the customized needs of specific scenes.


OrionStar's European partners pose with robots at BBB

As the main product of OrionStar overseas, Lucki showed us its excellent restaurant serviceability. When the exhibitors passed by the entrance of the flash restaurant, Lucki immediately transformed into a "customer attraction boy", introducing information about the restaurant dishes to the exhibitors friendly, soliciting them to enter the flash restaurant, and leading them to the designated position for seating; after the exhibitors were seated, Lucki transformed into a "runner" and delivers delicious meals to the guests, and can also deliver food to different tables at one time, multi-point delivery, which greatly reduces the pressure of restaurant labor costs, improves the restaurant's table turnover rate and brings more revenue to the restaurant.

Lucki has excellent 3D depth detection capability, which can scan the surrounding environment extremely fast and return the sensory signal to ensure safe obstacle avoidance, smooth marching, and accurate navigation. At the same time, its tray can carry up to 10 kg on a single tray, with a maximum load of 40 kg. Multi-layer tray, free combination, and 360° can be placed in the desired design, while equipped with a multi-sensor fusion of sensing system and vehicle-grade independent suspension of high-performance chassis, to ensure that it can be smoothly and effortlessly in complex environments to perform delivery tasks.

image (1).png

Lucki works at the BBB show pop-up restaurant

Not only the restaurant, but Lucki is also onboarded to a public library in McKinney, USA, and after secondary development by the partners, it better matches the library usage scenario. Lucki not only guides visitors to the library, provides them with book information, answers their questions about the library, and directs them to where they want books, but also helps keep the library orderly and tidy by placing books on the correct shelves after they are finished reading.


As a leading global service robot solution company, OrionStar has been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent service robots for many years, and its robot solution application scenarios have been up to more than 20, and have various scenarios landed in dozens of countries around the world. As of June this year, OrionStar's service robot shipments have reached 35,000 units, with more than 15 countries in Europe, the average daily voice interaction frequency is more than 17 million times, and the total number of service visits has exceeded 400 million people.

image (2).png

Photo of Tong Ning, Senior Vice President of OrionStar (first from left) and European partners at BBB

The Senior Vice President of OrionStar, Tong Ning, said, this time at the Netherlands BBB exhibition, we hope to bring a different experience to the site to visit the group of attendees so that guests feel and understand the application and role of OrionStar robots in the restaurant scene. We also hope that more local partners join the OrionStar ecology, and jointly promote the real economy and scene of the wisdom of the upgrade.